Room Organization

13 Oct

Our girls switched bedrooms recently and this past weekend, we finally completed the clothes swap.  I assumed that they could complete the chore alone.  My mistake.  Everything – socks, pants, shorts, t-shirts, nightgowns –  were stuffed into dresser drawers.  Some drawers were crammed so full that they didn’t shut while others lay empty.

I took a deep breath (or two), grabbed my label-maker and demonstrated how I wanted the girls to organize their clothes.  While it took time, we heaved a sigh of relief and contentment once the job was over.  Nothing is better than a neatly organized bedroom!

My youngest two daughters now share a small, 11 x 12 bedroom.  It’s essential that they keep the dresser drawers straightened or all the clothes won’t fit.


I typed my daughter’s name and the type of clothing on each label.  I placed the label on the inside frame of the drawer.  When the drawer is closed, the label is hidden.

Labels affixed to wardrobe shelves. 

To my amazement, my oldest (who is almost ten) wanted labels for her dresser as well.

I’d love to report that the girls have kept the drawers as neat as the day I finished organizing them.  Not in my house!  Yet if I begin to notice the old habits returning – and the bulging, messy, clump of clothes oozing from dressers –  I’ll simply tuck these photos into the drawers as a gentle reminder.  Diligence on my part will reap benefits for them as adults.


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