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Room Organization

13 Oct

Our girls switched bedrooms recently and this past weekend, we finally completed the clothes swap.  I assumed that they could complete the chore alone.  My mistake.  Everything – socks, pants, shorts, t-shirts, nightgowns –  were stuffed into dresser drawers.  Some drawers were crammed so full that they didn’t shut while others lay empty.

I took a deep breath (or two), grabbed my label-maker and demonstrated how I wanted the girls to organize their clothes.  While it took time, we heaved a sigh of relief and contentment once the job was over.  Nothing is better than a neatly organized bedroom!

My youngest two daughters now share a small, 11 x 12 bedroom.  It’s essential that they keep the dresser drawers straightened or all the clothes won’t fit.


I typed my daughter’s name and the type of clothing on each label.  I placed the label on the inside frame of the drawer.  When the drawer is closed, the label is hidden.

Labels affixed to wardrobe shelves. 

To my amazement, my oldest (who is almost ten) wanted labels for her dresser as well.

I’d love to report that the girls have kept the drawers as neat as the day I finished organizing them.  Not in my house!  Yet if I begin to notice the old habits returning – and the bulging, messy, clump of clothes oozing from dressers –  I’ll simply tuck these photos into the drawers as a gentle reminder.  Diligence on my part will reap benefits for them as adults.


Pursuing Him

4 Oct

I feel as if I’ve been tested at every turn lately.  I want to choose the proper path but I can’t find the road map.  I crave simplicity in a complex world. 

I’ve been frustrated and close to tears.  Fortunately, I noticed the below daily devotional by Dr. Charles Stanley and it has taken me by the shoulders and given me a gentle shake.  May it help you too, in any circumstance that you find yourself.

October 4
Knowing and Trusting the Lord 

Psalm 9:7-10 

How much do you trust God?  Before answering, consider these scenarios.  Do you really trust the Lord when everything seems out of control and He appears absent? . . . when He’s called you to move in a certain direction that seems illogical and risky? . . . when painful circumstances continue, making you wonder if the Lord really cares? 

We all have times of doubt when our expectations of God are dashed by the reality of our situation.  Many of us want to trust Him more but aren’t sure how to do so. 

David reveals that the key lies in knowing the Lord (v. 10).  Distance in our relationship with Him results in a lack of faith, but those who are intimately acquainted with Christ find it easier to trust Him wholeheartedly. 

Whenever you are tempted to doubt, remember these three essential truths about the Lord: 

• He is completely sovereign (Ps. 103:19).  God has everything in His control even when we can’t perceive it. 

• He is infinitely wise (Rom. 11:33-36).  The Lord knows every side of the situation (inside and out) and every event (past, present, and future).  

• He loves perfectly (Ex. 34:6).  Without exception, He always chooses what is best for us, even if it’s not easy. 

We grow in faith, not by trying harder to believe but, rather, by pursuing the Lord.  This involves doing all we can to get to know Him—in particular, spending time in His Word and talking to Him in prayer.  Then our trust in Him will grow as we learn that He never forsakes those who seek Him.  

To blog or not to blog?

1 Oct

I’m in the midst of making a major shift in our classroom.  I don’t know if or how the fresh approach will affect my blog.  The curriculum that I’m currently scrutinizing and reviewing is the opposite of how I learned; therefore I am in foreign territory.  It’s very scary.  It’s exciting too because I can see light at the end of the tunnel.  That light is me, my life.  I am considering the curriculum for both my children and for me.  If I am consistently haggard and exhausted, I’ll be no good to anyone in the family.  Thus the new direction.

Please pray for me and my husband as we weigh our options.  I know God is close by.  He shoulders my burdens and listens to my cries and doubts.  I want to please Him.  As long as I keep Him as my center, I know I’ll be okay.

Blessings for a wonderful weekend!