Three Saves

21 Sep

As soon as I brought my son downstairs for breakfast, our day began to crash and burn.  He didn’t want to cooperate; he preferred to be held.  If I put him down to prepare toast or cereal, he started to scream and fuss.  Nobody could console him, only me.  Obviously this isn’t a practical solution; especially not in a homeschool environment.

Praise God that a quick answer came to me.  I made an impromptu decision to scrap our original plans and take the kids on a nature hunt.  I could incorporate several topics and lessons that my girls were learning such as counting, sorting, the changing seasons, the sun and cells in plants and animals.  Phew!

Since all of our subject bases were accounted for, we gathered water cups, three Ziploc bags and headed for the door. 

Despite the heat, we collected birds’ feathers, different types of tree leaves, acorns, a torn butterfly wing and a super snake-skin!

Unfortunately, my son’s demeanor didn’t improve after lunch and I was at my wit’s end.  God saved me a second time when the postman placed Homeschooling Today into our mailbox.  I read “A Tree Planted by the Waters” by the magazine’s publisher, Steve Murphy.  His description of two trees – a perfectly manicured and fast-growing pear tree versus a very slow-growing oak tree lightened my heart (and my load).  I loved how Mr. Murphy compared the strong root system of the oak to children learning steadily and faithfully towards Christian maturity and outlasting the numerous worldly temptations or storms.  My favorite passage is this one:

“He enjoys his childhood and knows that the lessons he learns will be invaluable when storm winds blow.  His branches will not grow in perfect uniformity and at the same rate as the others because the beauty of his uniqueness glorifies God as he reflects God’s creative image.  The storm winds move his branches but do not break them.  He will not only survive but also shield others around him with his strength.”

Alas, my tale doesn’t end there.  My son awoke from his nap, caught sight of me and resumed his tantrum.  Could God help me find peace again?  Indeed!

Tonight, I had the pleasure and honor of registering for two free Webinars.  “How and Why Homeschooling Works” featured Dr. Jay Wile.  Perfectly timed for he discussed the documented benefits (and above average statistics) of homeschooled children.  To my surprise, the longer a child is homeschooled – specifically grades 6 – 12, the greater the success and the higher the standards of learning compared to private and publicly schooled children.  I truly needed to hear these statistics on a day like today when the barrage of doubts flooded my mind and threatened my confidence.

The second Webinar “Harvard or Heaven” by Voddie Baucham was very insightful and informative.  I learned about a new resource for college-bound children – College Plus.  College Plus is a unique, out-of-the-box approach to higher education.  Although my oldest is barely ten, I bookmarked the website and will place the idea on my mental back-burner.

All in all, the day was poor.  But God provided me sustenance in unconventional ways.  No fairy god-mother magically appeared on my front porch and relieved me of my responsibilities, however He did deliver some very thought-provoking messages.  These words gave me peace and reiterated the importance of homeschooling.  As Dr. Wile pointed out, the child may not appreciate the efforts of her homeschooling parents right now, but there’s no doubt that her parents will be the best role model for demonstrating the power of sacrificial love.  To that, I thank all of my three saves.


2 Responses to “Three Saves”

  1. Gerri September 22, 2010 at 12:44 pm #

    CollegePlus! is an excellent program, I highly recommend it for any student who wants to avoid debt, liberal indoctrinations, and wants an accredited degree.

  2. caitlinmuir October 8, 2010 at 2:35 pm #

    I hope you enjoyed Voddie Baucham’s webinar. Let me know if you have any questions about CollegePlus!


    Caitlin Muir
    PR Manager|CollegePlus!

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