My youngest daughter is a rebel!

9 Sep

My youngest daughter, who turned five-years-old in June, is quite a little rebel.  I remember her affections as a baby and toddler.  Her great expressions of unconditional love wooed me and opened my heart for desiring more children.  I used to melt in her embrace. 

These days, I am lucky if she wraps both arms around me or uncovers her face for a motherly kiss when I tuck her in at night.  Clearly, my husband is her favorite.

In the classroom, she bucks me at every opportunity.  If I give her directions, she defies me.  If I suggest a pencil to complete her work, she grabs a marker.  If I hand her the glue stick, she bolts away to look for the Elmer’s bottle.  Some days, I cannot win!

Guess what?  Maybe, I wasn’t meant to win.  When I step back and listen to my heart, I believe God is instructing me to let her be who she is.  Let her be creative.  Who cares if her drawings differ from the curriculum directions.  If she chooses to place the fruit in the water underneath the tree rather than on the tree branches, is it wrong?  Or simply different?

She may be the one child in our family who thinks “outside of the box“.  For someone as rigid as myself, I could actually consider her approach refreshing and motivating.  When I’m not busy trying to tell her what to do, that is!


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