31 Aug

I think that I enjoyed our vacation so much because the amount of stuff was condensed.  We only had enough clothes to last 7-10 days, and we only brought a handful of matchbox cars (for the baby), two Leapsters, less than a dozen books, crayons and a big binder of coloring pages.  I admit, the condo got messy and cluttered during our week stay, but nothing compared to our house!

Is it coincidental that I ran across a homeschooling mother’s blog that stated simplification is best for a family?  Have I mentioned that I don’t believe in coincidences?

Our sleeping arrangement is a bit funky lately; my oldest is crammed into the shared bedroom with my younger two daughters because of her nighttime noise fear.  We had a brief family meeting and my first-grader and kindergartener agreed to do a trial sleep on the main floor while my oldest daughter slept alone in the big bedroom upstairs.  If all goes well, we may be moving a lot of furniture around and what better time than to weed out, throw out and donate?!

If you are like us, most of the toys are untouched.  Only special ones are picked up and played with on a constant basis.  I doubt the kids would even notice if I donated all of the toys in the basement closet!

And the mountain of children’s clothes.  Even though I did laundry almost every day while on vacation, I could actually put the clean, folded clothes back into the dresser drawers!  At home, the drawers are bulging and no additional clothes can fit.  This is ridiculous and now is the time to re-evaluate and donate.  My husband and I are not immune either.  We have plenty of purging to do in our own closet.

Usually cleaning out closets is a spring task, but I completely missed the mark this year.  So the possibility of bedroom exchanges creates the perfect opportunity.  Wish me luck. 


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