30 Aug


I am no longer in denial.  Recent photos of myself in a bathing suit jolted me back to reality.  Have you read or heard statements by women declaring that they could no longer eat as they did in years past?  I ignored those remarks and pretended that “it wouldn’t happen to me”.  Guess what?  It has!

I exercised routinely and faithfully while I was pregnant with my son; often I’d be in the gym’s aqua class four or five times per week.  In my final month of pregnancy, I sought the pool for relief.  Unfortunately, upon the birth of my son I failed to return to the gym.  I blamed it on the lack of sleep and the on-demand breastfeeding.  I didn’t go because I lacked the desire and motivation, period.

Perhaps I should give myself a break.  My body has been busy growing  and nourishing a human being.  Yet the time has come (and the mirror proves) to fess up to the consequences of eating whatever I craved.  We won’t mention that my age coupled with the food indulgences – minus activity – has amplified my body’s softness.

I’ve slowly stopped buying packaged chips and cookies, and I don’t reward myself with a hot chocolate every single night.  I’ve dusted off the exercise DVDs and I ordered Linda Haught’s Fitness Club DVD as well as the book, The Ultimate Homeschool Physical Education Game Book .  May as well get into shape while homeschooling, right?

The book intrigues me because the author, Guy Bailey, has taught in the public school system for over 20 years yet he changed his teaching philosophy and method after speaking to homeschooling families.  He modified the P.E. games so smaller groups could participate rather than the traditional large student group.  Voila!  Mr. Bailey uncovered a secret that many homeschooling families live by: “students [were] actively involved 100% of the time in learning, playing and moving.  These games didn’t exclude kids or require long stretches of waiting and standing around.  The level of skill development among my students was significantly enhanced with the introduction of these new learning experiences.”

The Ultimate Homeschool Physical Education Game Book divides the activities by sport and by age: 

  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Racquet and Net Games
  • Playground Games
  • Fitness-Building Games
  • Rope Jumping Games and
  • P.E. Games with a Homeschool Twist

What I appreciate the most is the games do not require a gym or high-dollar equipment, and I can use these activities with 2-4 participants.  I’ve already started to bookmark some of the games that I want to introduce, like Beanbag Bocce and Croquet!  Sounds perfect as the weather begins to cool and the backyard (and my waistline) beckons.


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