Chore Chart or Task List?

27 Aug

Personally, I prefer Task List!  For some reason, it sounds less boring and more goal-oriented to refer to chores as “tasks”.  I didn’t have time to create my own chore chart – or Task List – so I ventured to the Microsoft site and searched for a chart template.  Here’s what I found:

chore chart

I changed my chart slightly and geared it towards our typical school day.  These chores, or tasks, are clear expectations for my children and I will not compensate for them!  As I always say to the girls, there are certain duties that we must do as a family.  We are a team and families are required to do chores to keep a tidy house, and more importantly, to teach responsibility and life skills.

However, I am not a complete dictator and I will offer opportunities for the girls to earn a few dollars (or cents)!  Some examples that I plan to offer:

  • Collect the Trash from the Van – This is a big deal for me.  Where my children are, trash soon follows!  And I want my children to respect my things.
  • Clean the Windows – Another important chore since my littlest likes to press his lips and greasy fingers on any window surface!
  • Wipe the Cabinets and Baseboard – I try to wipe the cabinets and knobs as often as possible, but I have a feeling the girls will volunteer if $ is offered!
  • Help Daddy Clean and Organize the Garage – No matter how hard we try, our garage never stays uncluttered.
  • Weed the Flower Beds – We live in the south and weeds grow everywhere!

I’m sure that I’ll think of other profitable chores, but this is a good start. 

The required task list that I’ve adapted to our family will be posted on the refrigerator.

I’m optimistic that the chart will be successful, especially if each child must check-off or sign that the task was completed.  My job is to remember that the tasks may not be done to my level of perfection…but at least they were done!


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