24 Aug

Obviously, I know that girls and boys are very different.  But I didn’t really understand it until I was blessed with a boy last summer.  It’s been amazing to watch him and to compare his milestones and behaviors to those of the three girls.

For instance, Anthony loves making noises.  He rumbles and “vrooms” when he plays with the matchbox cars and trucks.  He presses his lips to our arms and legs and then blows air to make that “unique” sound resembling gas!  And yes, he screams in protest if his sisters take a toy or walk away or pick him up when he isn’t interested in the attention. 

Anthony loves to blow bubbles.  Is this a boy thing?  My girls never did it.  While he’s creating the bubbles, he hums.  It certainly entertains him.

When I’m on my hands and knees cleaning the kitchen floor, Anthony comes up behind me, wraps his arms around me, and lays his little head on my back.  Is it possible to fall in love with my little guy each time he does it?  I do!

Anthony is our first child that enjoys the open water.  While his sisters had swim lessons earlier in the summer, he and I would venture into the pool together.  We’d sing and dance in the water and he was perfectly content, as was I.  I hadn’t experienced it before and I delighted in every moment.  Now we’re at the beach and Anthony actually crawled through the sand, pushing his pudgy fingers into it.  Later my husband gently carried him into the waves and I couldn’t believe my eyes!  Our baby boy likes the ocean.

What has been the single most striking (and different) characteristic?  There’s no drama.  Anthony is a trooper and rarely complains.  He is truly a “go with the flow” baby.  After three girls, perhaps God thought I deserved a break from the drama and roller coaster emotions!

I realize that soon Anthony will favor his daddy, not me.  Until that day comes, I’ll savor every hug, kiss and cuddle. 


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