Time with Family

23 Aug

We are spending time away – just the six of us – from the normal hustle and bustle of our daily lives. 

Why is this so critically important? 

I believe that we tend to take each other for granted at home.  We have the normal routine and we fall into the mundane.  Although my husband and I are a terrific team, we sometimes fall prey to expectations and assumptions rather than appreciation.

Separating ourselves from the everyday household and physically going to an unknown place helps us to refocus and to show gratitude for all the wonderful blessings that God has generously provided us.

This is my first visit to the Gulf Coast and I love it! 

I am a huge fan of the East Coast, especially North Carolina’s Outer Banks, but I am slowly falling in love with this area too.  The calmness and the beauty of the beaches and ocean left me in a trance last night.  We took a short walk on the beach after dinner.  The moon was trying to shine through the thick layer of clouds while lightning flashed and flickered.  What beauty!  I always feel closer to God when I stand in the sand and the water tickles my toes.  The sounds, smells and sights never cease to amaze me.  His creation is overwhelming.

My son wasn’t very happy.  He was trembling as we held him on the darkened beach.  I’m praying that his visit today – in the bright sunshine – will be better!  Last night, I whispered in my baby’s ear that the beautiful ocean is God’s gift to him and to all of us.  What a gift it is!

This place and time is a gift to me – to watch my children and to listen to their giggles and screams.  To see the world as they do.  Spending time with family, not worrying about the normal schedule, and loving and enjoying each other is the key to our vacation.  Long overdue.


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