Quiet Time

18 Aug

Do you know how hard it is to change a behavior?  I plan to change a lot in the coming months.  This year has been hyper learning speed for me.  Learning related to homeschooling, spirituality, faith, and lesson plans, but also learning related to how I behave in the world.  Unfortunately, not all of my awakenings has been pretty!

For one, I’m not patient.  I feel emotions immediately and often base my reaction on these versus logic.  Sometimes, I am quick to anger only to discover that my anger is frustration, anxiety and doubtfulness.  I am selfish.  I crave alone time so I can read a good book without interruptions!  Or dare I say, use the restroom without hearing a voice and a knock on the other side of the door!

Despite the negatives, I have also learned that I’d give my life for my children.  I’ve accepted my role as their sole educator with gusto and determination.  I delight in praising God in our household, most importantly in our homeschool.  I savor the innocence on my daughters’ faces – free from materialism, peer pressure and bullies.

Best of all, I have learned how to pray with my husband and daughters.  As a child, I attended mass every Sunday but my family never prayed together.  I went to religious classes beginning in first grade and concluding in eighth grade, yet I never opened a Bible.  I always had strong faith in the Lord, but a huge hole existed in my heart until I found His Word and began reading, studying and ultimately teaching my children.

My biggest plan for change is to devote my mornings to Him.  With His help, I want to rise early, find a quiet spot in the house and pray.  Pray for patience, guidance and encouragement.  Pray for unselfish thoughts and obedience.  Pray for Him to show me strength and wisdom and to never take a day for granted.  A wise mother told me that if I begin quiet time with our Lord, my life will be changed.  And what do positive folks say about change?  Not a breakdown but a breakthrough!


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