Computer Scare

16 Aug

Over the weekend, I encountered a problem with my new laptop.  A problem that I didn’t know how to fix.  All of a sudden, I couldn’t log on.  I got only an error that stated my user profile failed.  No alternative profile to use, no help button, nothing.  Luckily, my husband had his work laptop and he began a desperate search to diagnose the error message.  Funny, all of the recommended “fixes” required the start-up menu – which I couldn’t even get to. 

Panicky thoughts swirled inside my brain.  As much as I hate to admit it, I depend on my laptop (A LOT) to work regularly, efficiently and satisfactorily.  This isn’t a beef against the laptop itself; after all, the logon failure was due to Microsoft Windows 7.  I connect to many people and resources via my computer so a part of me feels lost when a problem occurs.

Rather than get emotional – which is usually my first reaction – I reminded myself that I backed up my files only the night before.  At least those were safe.  Worst case scenario for our homeschool would be the good old-fashioned pencil and paper planning.  And if I had to, I could CALL to order the textbooks!  Funny how dependent I’ve become on the Internet for shopping too.

Bottom line?  I had to have a little faith.  I had to learn not to push the panic button and not to worry until all of the options had been tested.  Hmm, this could easily apply to most of my daily life lessons!

In the end, my husband – bless his heart – helped me to restore the computer.  I lost a couple of days in the process and I completely lost my Homeschool Gadget Toolbar!  But all seems well and normal again.  In the future, I won’t label my laptop as the “be-all or end-all”.


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