14 Aug

I don’t want to make my blog a venting or whining spot, but I’ve experienced firsthand that not everyone has a rosy, positive outlook on home education.  If you’ve come across people who have a negative image or stereotype of homeschooling families, you are not alone in your feelings of doubt, uncertainty and rejection.  Lots of homeschoolers can relate to the rejection since most have been criticized or questioned on the decision to educate their children themselves.

Unfortunately, I too have been judged because I chose to withdraw my daughters from the public school system.  Because God made me very sensitive, I take the criticism to heart and it weighs heavily on me.  Yet I feel strongly that we’ve made the correct move to homeschool.  Should I not share my homeschool activities with those few who find it necessary to advise me against a religious focus?  While I draw nearer to Him, others fall prey to our society’s secular ideals and the belief in a government-run school system.  The same government that continues to strip away the importance of the Lord in our behavior and laws.

To me, God is the one and only moral compass.  Without Him, we all run wild and wreak havoc on ourselves and others.  I’m learning the Biblical worldview and I look through a Biblical lens to emphasize my purpose in homeschooling.  When did His Word become ugly, negative and wrong?!

A barrage of pessimistic comments deflates and discourages me.  It weakens me.  What do I do when these unfriendly words overwhelm me?  I surround myself with like-minded people.  I take comfort in my husband’s love, faith and strength.  I savor the compliments made about my mild-mannered, polite children.  I seek counsel and advice from experienced homeschoolers.  I pray for God to fill me up and to reiterate His calling for me to keep my children close at home.  I pray for wisdom and obedience so I may become a living example of His Holy Commandments.

It isn’t easy.  The opposition won’t die.  What’s worse is sometimes the assault comes from those we respect and love – extended family.  Personally, I desire acceptance and approval from my family.  I wish that they could see the importance, and yes the necessity, to retrain our children in honoring Him and discounting the many false idols in our culture today.  Many have accepted the government schools and have refused to see the indoctrination of our youngsters.  I’m a product of the public school system; however the generation of teachers in my youth were completely different from those in the system now.  And the public school students are completely different too.  Rather than wear the blinders, I’ve listened to the Holy Spirit and I am swimming against the current.  I have precious few years to teach my children in the way of our Lord.

My best advice is to hold fast, stand firm in your beliefs.  Nobody will love your children as much as you.  Life is fleeting.  If you’re called to homeschool, grab it and hold it close to your heart.  There is extraordinary support in the homeschooling community.  Seek it and be rejuvenated.  Contact me too – I would love to hear from you.  So would our Lord, Jesus Christ.  He is our supreme supporter.


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