I listened to the voice of an angel

14 Aug

This week, I’ve attempted to listen to the online conference held by Heart of the Matter.  I am afraid that I haven’t been very successful – an out-of-town visitor plus four rambunctious children affords little privacy or tranquility to hear the speakers.

Yesterday morning, the kids were occupied, so I sneaked into the dining room and logged onto the HOTM meeting.  What a pleasant surprise!  Joyce Burges had the voice of an angel and her words of encouragement to mothers left me peaceful and renewed in our decision to homeschool.  Ms. Burges focused on points such as loving others as if you’ve never been hurt, viewing your children as the Lord’s heritage and including quiet time in your daily life so Jesus Christ can be the anchor of your soul.  I could’ve listened to her gentle, soothing voice all day long, so I’m looking forward to the MP3 of her lecture.  [I’m sure these lectures will be offered at a reasonable cost in the near future.]

I feel fortunate to be able to access the wealth of experience and information on the Internet, often at the touch of a few keystrokes.  And as I’ve said before, the openness and willingness to pass along information between homeschooling mothers is awesome and inspirational.


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