Personal Tidbit

8 Aug

I lost my father to cancer one week before my fourth birthday.  I have no memory of him – no recollection of his voice, his laughter or his embrace.  All that I know of him is gathered from other family members’ memories.  Yesterday, my mother shared an interesting [and timely] characteristic of my father.

When my mother called, I was blogging about CVS.  I excitedly told her how much money I saved due to couponing 101 and she laughed.  She proceeded to tell me that back in the early 1970s, my father would gather the Sunday ads and a pencil and paper, and pore over the sales while making a list.  Wow!  Thirty years ago, my father was a veteran couponer!  I wonder if he got the same rush as I did when I discovered the savings!

Nice to hear that I may hold a piece of my father inside me…or better yet, he may be teaching me things three decades later!


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