Jesus Feast

6 Aug

Two business women in our local community envisioned a 40-day project for focusing on Jesus.  I was a bit surprised to read about the plan in the small weekly paper.  After all, Jesus’ name isn’t freely spoken in the press unless it is to complain about radical right-wing citizens.  To read His name in a positive light was refreshing and cleansing to my spirit.

Jesus Feast begins on Tues, August 10th and invites people to focus on Jesus Christ for 40 days – studying one of His miracles each day, listening to worship music, reading passages out-loud – and ends on The Day of Atonement September 18th.

Even if you aren’t in Fayette County, GA, why not form your own Jesus Feast?  I believe that wonderful things happen in our world when we all join together in prayer.  Please click HERE and check out the web site for ideas and inspiration.  Blessings!

Jesus Mission Statement:

We, the people, have authority through Jesus to change our world, to bring light into this present darkness. The mission of Jesus Feast is to draw people to Jesus, to bring them closer to the King of Kings. He is the way, the truth, and the life, and the only solution for these perilous times. We believe that placing Him in his rightful seat of honor over our communities will release a fresh moving of His Spirit. To accomplish this, we are calling people in pairs or small groups to enter into a 40-day feast with Jesus followed by a community worship service. Come, Lord Jesus, and turn the water into wine.

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