I spent $100 LESS!

5 Aug

Okay, I am hooked!  I’m thrilled to share that I spent $100 less at the grocery store yesterday!  How did I do that?

First, I bought the Sunday edition of the Atlanta Journal Constitution.  [I have yet to find the AJC on sale as a double bundle, but I will keep looking.]  I saved the Publix and CVS ads.  Then I looked at and clipped out specific coupons offered by the Smart Source, P&G and Red Plum inserts.  Note: there are a ton of coupons that I’ll never use in these inserts, but the ones I do use are plentiful!

Next, I studied the Publix ad and prepared my shopping list according to the sales only.  That is a big change for me.  Usually I’d scour my pantry and write the missing products on a list and then hit the store.  Wrong!  Shop and plan your meals by the sale items at the store.

Let me give you a terrific example.  20 oz Cheerios was a Buy One Get One Free item.  Each large box cost $2.49 plus I had a coupon for $1 off two.  I paid $2 per box.  I’m sure veteran couponers would’ve had a better strategy, but give me time!

Certainly, I purchased a few products that weren’t on sale – baby carrots and lettuce – but the majority was sale items only.  And it paid off!

Tomorrow I go to CVS and take advantage of the ExtraCare program.  I’ll let you know how I do!  If you already have a CVS ExtraCare card, go to their website and enter your email address.  You’ll get a $4 off coupon!  Click HERE.


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