Our Day at the 2010 Southeast Homeschool Expo

1 Aug

Yesterday, my family attended our first homeschool expo at the Cobb Galleria, northside of Atlanta.  While I attended a handful of workshops, my husband took the kids into the exhibit hall to check out the vendor booths.  

I told myself that I wouldn’t buy any packaged curriculums because I had decided on our texts for September.  I only had to seek out a Bible curriculum (which I found for my younger two daughters), a handwriting workbook for my kindergartener (which I didn’t find), and a peek at a very popular company’s LA products (which I believed the lesson plans to be quite rigid).  Guess what?  I did what I declared I wouldn’t do!  I purchased a “boxed” curriculum for my five-year-old as well as my soon to be seven-year-old.  Why?  After seeing the packages, reviewing the lesson methodology and delighting in the creative hands-on interaction (especially the kindergarten level), I wanted to try it in our classroom.  I pray that my girls enjoy the curriculum so I can forgive myself for breaking my own rule!

All in all, the day was a success.  I met some fabulous speakers and gathered some terrific ideas to implement in my home.  I even got some legal advice and insight into Georgia’s law!

If you haven’t attended a homeschool conference or expo before; or like me, began homeschooling before attending a single workshop or conference, I highly recommend the Southeast Expo.  The workshops were come and go as you pleased and the speakers were open to questions and comments.  My only complaint is that I couldn’t split myself in two and attend twice as many workshops!  Luckily, the expo also offered the speaker topics for sale on CDs.

We left the convention center with stuffed bags, rejuvenated and comforted by the fact that we aren’t alone in our journey.  As we witnessed, hundreds of Georgia families share in the hardships and challenges of homeschooling, but we also reap the benefits and joy for keeping the Lord at the forefront of our children’s education.

I can’t wait for next year!


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