Personal Disclosure

30 Jul

For anyone who follows my blog, I do not add an image, logo or banner to make a profit.  All of the site images that you see on my sidebar or footer are ones that I enjoy visiting myself.  WordPress does not allow me to add affiliate links either.  A part of me feels good about the restriction – there’s a sense of honesty and purity in a site that doesn’t push another person’s products.  On the other hand, I completely understand those sites that include affiliate banners or links as a means to keep the site in operation! 

Who knows, one day when I transfer my blog to my parked dot com,, I may include an affiliate link or two.  But I’ll only include these if I feel strongly about the product and/or curriculum.  Likewise, if I discover a terrific resource (on my favorite shopping site, I may include a link to it.

But for now, please know that my blog is free of any profit-motive.  If I recommend a product or book to you, it is simply because I love it!




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