New Tool

29 Jul

I’m sure that I have mentioned this before, but it never ceases to amaze me how open and sharing homeschooling mothers are to “newbies”.  Not only have other homeschoolers offered me resources, information and product referrals, but more importantly, they forfeited personal time to extend advice and support.  So, it didn’t surprise me when I received almost a dozen recommendations and experience tips to my question on available software schedulers.

Per the positive feedback, I downloaded the basic edition of Homeschool Tracker.  Best of all, it is FREE! 

I’ll admit, I am a tad intimidated to use the software tool.  Until now, I’ve used the old-fashioned pencil and paper to record each day’s activities.  At week’s end, I’d record the events into a word document.  However, the transcribing from paper to computer backed up as I failed to find the extra time to do so; thus the word document lost its original purpose.

So I decided to put my faith in Homeschool Tracker despite my initial trepidation.  Why the fear?  All those spreadsheets tracking hours and records reminds me of preparing for taxes!  But we all know the source of many fears is lack of knowledge, so next month I plan to use Homeschool Tracker to record future lesson plans and unit studies.  Wish me luck!

Again, I bestow my gratitude to those homeschooling mothers who took the time to send along a comment on Homeschool Tracker.  Thank you, Ladies! 

What a  privilege to be a part of the homeschooling community.


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