A little disappointed…

27 Jul

in an article from a favorite magazine.  The subject dealt with the potential bias in our court system and offered advice to homeschooling families.  While I appreciated the insight into some court rulings (and the mind-boggling assumptions made by several judges), I had the feeling that unless I socialize my kids outside of the home and “strive, as much as possible, to ensure [my] religious practices do not isolate or hinder [my] children’s social development”, I run the risk of social bias in the article’s three danger zones. 

Hmm.  This sounds very much like conforming to our society’s beliefs.  Isn’t the whole purpose of Christian homeschooling to teach my children righteousness through God’s Word?  Will extra-curricular activities or after-school sports teach my children the Ten Commandments and how to obey Him?  If I take the time to fulfill my purpose and to raise my children using Biblical principles, am I correct in concluding that this is a hindrance to their development?  What?!

Perhaps my interpretation of the article wasn’t the original intent of the author.  But he mentioned the “adequate social contact with their peers” in two different sections.  Does bullying equal adequate social contact?  One of the main reasons why I withdrew my oldest child from the public school was the daily bullying and physical aggression by a room full of her peers.

The older I become and the more I examine the Biblical worldview, the less I try to conform and twist my beliefs to fit into our current culture.  Upon reading this article, I felt as if part of the recommendation to homeschooling families was to conform or else face the consequences.  Disappointing.


One Response to “A little disappointed…”

  1. Paula L July 28, 2010 at 2:39 pm #

    It’s a shame that bad is “cool” or “rewarded” as “leadership style.” I find the same bullies in school grow up to be bullies at work…. there is a great website devoted to handling bullies… http://www.workplacebullying.org/ It’s a great read while I work amoungst some of the best in the world… As long as noone puts a stop to it…. One should learn how to survive….

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