Did “Cooking” Skip a Generation?

25 Jul

I wish that I liked to cook.  My grandmother was a terrific cook.  I often stayed at her apartment and she’d fuss over me – cooking a delicious homemade pot roast or adding ingredients to store-bought Cool Whip so our hot chocolate tasted sweeter.  I recall most of my mother’s dinners as delicious too.  So why don’t I like to cook?

My mother’s biggest mistake was not teaching me to enjoy it.  I don’t remember helping her to mix ingredients for a special recipe.  My only job was to set the table and cut carrots and celery for the salad.  She always told me that if I could read, I could cook.  Yes and no.  I can read a cookbook but that doesn’t mean the meal will be tasty.  And it definitely doesn’t mean that I will enjoy preparing it!

All three of my girls love watching The Food Network channel, especially the cooking competitions.  My middle daughter, who turns seven in the fall, wants to be a pastry chef!  Did the cooking gene skip a generation?  My husband learned to cook from his mother.  In fact, for many years of our marriage he did all of the cooking.  He can throw ingredients together and poof!  Delicious dinner.  If I tried to replicate his style, it would spell disaster and we’d be in the car heading for fast food.

How can I, the non-cook, motivate and support my daughter’s desire to become a chef?  The answer: I downloaded a free copy of the Homemaker Handbook from the Future Christian Homemakers web site.  The handbook includes lessons on poultry, beef, casseroles, quick breads, cookies, muffins, and cakes.  It also teaches recipe abbreviations.

Please join us as we venture onto a cooking journey.  Stay tuned for future posts.  I pray that God alleviates my anxiety in the kitchen.  He knows well that it isn’t my favorite room in the house!


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