The Perfect Words at the Perfect Time

24 Jul

Friday was one of those days that I pray won’t re-occur for a very long time.  I chose to forego our routine and focus on Honey Bees.  I had plans to read a library book on the Honey Bee life cycle, craft three bees using wax paper for the wings, complete several mini-books on bee anatomy and interesting facts, delight in a honey bee poem, and enjoy the giggles and camaraderie of the kids.

That is not what happened.

As soon as I started to read the book, I lost their attention.  The youngest started to play with her brother’s toy and another sneaked off to go to the bathroom.  The baby began to fuss.  And I became teary-eyed.  Was I reading merely to hear my own voice?  Why couldn’t the girls listen and enjoy the colorful photographs?  I closed the book.

This has been the toughest, most challenging seven months of my life.  Lesson ideas, crafts, science projects, new reading and curriculum books crowd my brain every day.  Homeschooling has required more energy and dedication than I had known possible.  Once the kids go to bed, I’m in the basement filling the workboxes for the next school day.  I barely have 20 minutes to be with my husband before it is lights out.  Don’t my children see my sacrifice?  Does God?  Does anyone appreciate it?

Yesterday, I was at my wit’s end.  I left the girls alone.  I contemplated public school.  It wasn’t what I wanted to do, but I felt overwhelmed and frustrated.  A tiny voice told me to quit.  I sent my husband a short email and he called me immediately.  He comforted me and reassured me that homeschooling was the right path for us and our family.  He promised to help me more, to be involved more.

And God comforted me too.  In His special way.  I had a brand new copy of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine on my kitchen counter.  I opened it to a brilliantly-timed and worded article by senior editor, Deborah Wuehler.  The name of the article?  “I Quit!”

Ms. Wuehler provided sustenance and support at the perfect time for me.  She included the story of Peter (Luke 5:1-5) and how Jesus asks him for even more despite the long day of fishing with no catch.  How often have I felt that my day demanded more of me despite my weak body?  These passages spoke to my heart and healed me.

This isn’t the first time that an article from The Old Schoolhouse has affected me positively.  I love to see the magazine in my mailbox.  I know that I’ll be refreshed and renewed in my homeschooling journey by reading it.  The perfect words at the perfect time.


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