21 Jul

Our final science lesson (before we indulge in a month-long break) is insects.  It’s a perfect time to find specimens.  We discovered a large dead dragonfly in our driveway several weeks ago and kept it in a safe spot.  On a family walk, we also found a dead butterfly.  We took it home and on Monday, we had the opportunity to study both insects, up close and personal.

Unfortunately, both were very fragile but at least the girls could identify the body segments and touch the wings.  We used a toy called The Eyeclops to magnify the dragonfly wings and the girls oohed and ahhed at the veins.  My oldest declared that the dragonfly wings looked like stained glass.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t see the details of the butterfly, but the girls touched the wings and discovered that the powder residue left on their fingers was the scales.

Yes, you either love or hate insects.  I’m on the fence.  I admit, insects are certainly fascinating.

Because I teach three age levels, I use a compilation of science sources: Apologia Science, Simple Schooling and various free worksheets from sites such as Enchanted Learning.  To keep everyone interested, we usually incorporate an art project.  Check out our colorful clay models.

PreK interpretation of an insect


Dragonfly by my 9YO

Butterfly by my 6YO


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