Reaching a Break

20 Jul

Our homeschool will soon begin a hiatus!  We have less than two weeks and then I’ll declare the month of August as free time.  Not necessarily for me, but the kids can enjoy it.  My only requirement is that the girls continue to read every day.  We’ll also have a weekly library visit.

During our break, I will be assessing the curriculum that we completed as well as researching new textbooks for the next lesson levels.  I’ve noticed that many homeschool blogs list in detail the curriculum used by each student or grade.  I don’t want to do this.  Why?  Every single child is so unique even in the same family.  What works for my child may fail miserably for yours.  I’ll certainly share any tools that I use in conjunction with a curriculum.  And from time to time, I’ll add a review of my own on this blog.  If you seek advice or opinions on a particular curriculum, I highly recommend that you search for reviews on the web.  There are several sites:

If like me, you read voraciously and still cannot decide, then attend an expo where you can physically look at the materials or ask a trusted homeschooler or friend. 

Don’t be discouraged if you purchase a curriculum and your child (or you) hates it!  You may be able to create your own curriculum or pull data and craft your own notebooking pages or worksheets.  Because I use a single history and science textbook to teach three different age levels, I often add or delete exercises to keep the younger girls’ attention.  It isn’t easy but it is possible.  You can do it!

I do plan to share a specific system that literally saved our homeschool.  Come back and read all about it!


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