Time for New Supplies!

14 Jul

When I began to homeschool – a short seven months ago – I decided to teach year-round.  A year-round schedule enables me to stretch our workload when or if we need more time on a specific topic, and it allows me to be flexible.  Flexibility is the key word in our household!

Obviously for my own sanity and organization, I have to end our current lesson levels at some point and plan for new curriculum.  Now is the perfect time.  Most are enjoying the lazy hours of summer, the longer days and the slower pace.  I only wish that I could turn off my brain and relax, but now my thoughts are flooded with curriculum reviews!  What worked?  What failed to motivate or inspire?  Every one of my daughters is different so I can’t necessarily use “hand-me-down” textbooks.  I’m constantly evaluating our classroom – adding or eliminating activities.  If I deem (or I should say if the kids give it a thumbs-up) an activity as successful, I simply mold it to suit our future needs.  Repeat after me, “Flexibility!”

If you’re in the market for new curriculum and supplies, please consider using Clicks for Homeschooling at http://www.hslda.org/clicks4hs/default.asp  or click on the flashing red button on my sidebar.  Many wonderful merchants are available and the proceeds help other homeschooling families.  To remind myself, I’ve attached the Clicks for Homeschooling link to my browser toolbar.  HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association) is a fabulous support and resource for homeschoolers world-wide.  May God continue to bless their tireless efforts on behalf of us.

Happy shopping and check back to see the treasures that I’ve included in our classroom!


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