Heart of the Matter Conference Online (Aug 9-13, 2010)

14 Jul

I am super excited about the Heart of the Matter online conference.  For one, I don’t have to drive anywhere!  Second, if I happen to miss a speaker, I can download the lecture and listen to it at my convenience!  God bless Heart of the Matter for recognizing the chaotic schedule of the homeschooling mother.

I’m looking forward to Susan Wise Bauer.  Her book, The Well-Trained Mind provided me the foundation to build our curriculum.  I floundered a lot until a homeschooling mother recommended the book to me.  It quieted my fears and anxieties and proved to me that I could home educate my children successfully.  I also use Ms. Bauer’s writing curriculum and love how she weaves classic literature, listening comprehension and copywork into one subject.

Another speaker scheduled to be at the conference is Sally Clarkson.  I recently purchased her DVD, “Renewing Your Mom Heart” and although I’ve only watched a small piece, I felt a sense of belonging and acceptance in my choice to homeschool.  Ms. Clarkson has a wonderful, engaging manner and I often caught myself breathing a sigh of relief as I learned how to renew my Christian habits.  What a terrific resource for my personal library.

These are only two of the many speakers for the week.  Plus there will be live interactions available.  All this wisdom and support for $20.  I’ll take it!

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